The Portuguese Master Brewers and Maltsters Association is an institution of exclusively technical nature, which assembles a group of individuals from the brewing and malting industries and other related activities.

The APTCM main purposes are:

  1. Contribute to the professional growth of the affiliates, promoting the diffusion of technical and management information and carrying out specific training events;

  2. Establish and promote friendship and technical cooperation between its affiliates;

  3. Establish contacts and cooperate with congener institutions.

The association members are technicians and companies that have some links with the brewing and malting processes and are willing to help the association in the prosecution of its goals.

Today the APTCM has around 200 individual members and 60 affiliated companies.

Each year the Portuguese Master Brewers and Maltsters Association organises Technical Seminars and visits, which contribute to the professional update, acquaintance and companionship between its members.